2 Part AutoPot Dual Fuel Feed Program


The 2 Part Dual Fuel Kit is our convenient and ready to use kit for growers wanting to bring more simplicity to their Autopot grow System. This feed program consists of bottles of Dual Fuel and a selection of our finest additives to help you maximize your yields.



Simple and easy to use 2-part base nutrient which can be tailored to the demands of your Autopot Watering Grow Systems.

Base Nutrients

  • 1x Dual Fuel 1
  • 1x Dual Fuel 2

Additive Nutrients

  • 1x Vitathrive
  • 1x Rezin
  • 1x PK Spike
  1. DUAL FUEL 1 N(5) – P(0) – K(1)  DUAL FUEL 2 N(0) – P(3) – K(6):  This is a 2 Part Base Nutrient.
  2. VITATHRIVE N(0) – P(0) – K(1): Vitamin and mineral additive to promote plant health and support essential functions
  3. REZIN: Terpene enhancer to increase the aroma and flavour profile of flowering plants.
  4. PK SPIKE N(0) – P(14) – K(15):: Phosphorus and potassium supplement to support heavy fruiting